Getting Started

Before users can interact with Streamlio Cloud, there are a few basic setup steps. This section shows how to get started.

The streamlio command-line interface (CLI) provides an easy-to-use interface to the Streamlio Cloud Service. The CLI is organized into multiple command groups: authentication, configurations, and authorization.

Set up CLI


  • Mac OS X 10.12+ / Linux

  • Bash completion

  • Streamlio Cloud Service endpoint

  • Authentication token

Install the CLI

Download and install the latest streamlio CLI using the following command

curl -fsSL | bash

This will install the latest version of streamlio CLI in the directory $HOME/.streamlio. This directory contains all necessary executables and libraries to interact with the streamlio cloud service.

CLI installation consists of the following executables

  • streamlio

  • pulsar-admin

  • pulsar-client

  • pulsar-perf

For the PATH settings and bash completion to take effect in the current bash shell run the following command

source $HOME/.bash_profile

To ensure PATH settings have taken effect, test the CLI version

streamlio version

If the command completes and prints the streamlio CLI version details, you have successfully installed the streamlio CLI. Next step is to configure the CLI with endpoint and authentication information.

The installer script will update your $HOME/.bash_profile and append the following entry.

# load the streamlio PATH and bash completion
[[ -r "$HOME/.streamlio/etc/streamlio-env.bash" ]] && . "$HOME/.streamlio/etc/streamlio-env.bash"

This line updates your $PATH environment variable to include $HOME/.streamlio/bin and also installs streamlio CLI bash completion.

Install specific version of CLI

Download the streamlio CLI installer script using the following command

curl -o

Change the downloaded installer script permission to executable

chmod +x

Run the installer script to install the streamlio CLI with the specific version

./ --version 0.8.9

Configure the CLI

In order to interact with the streamlio cloud service with CLI, you need to configure the CLI with

  • authentication token

  • streamlio cloud service endpoint

Before configuring, get the authentication token from streamlio cloud service administrator. Once you have the authentication token and endpoint, you can configure the CLI using

streamlio config create NAME --address=<end-point> --token=<authentication-token>

For example, to create a config named prod with the authentication token s.authtoken and the endpoint issue the command as follows:

streamlio config create prod \
--address= --token=s.authtoken

The config prod will be the active configuration and all subsequent operations will be directed to this active configuration.

_____ Copyright 2019 Streamlio, Inc. Apache, Apache BookKeeper, Apache Pulsar and associated open source project names are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.