Web Interface

An overview of the web interface for managing and interacting with Streamlio Cloud Preview

The Streamlio Cloud Preview web interface provides a graphical interface for monitoring and interacting with your environment. This interface allows to to configure and monitor your Streamlio Cloud Preview environment.

Some of the things you can do within the web interface include:

  • Create topics

  • Connect data sources to Pulsar topics

  • Connect Pulsar topics to data sinks

  • Create and deploy Pulsar Functions

  • Monitor data flows and data processing in Streamlio Cloud Preview


The web interface for the Streamlio Cloud Preview includes the following elements:

  • Navigation bar: a set of links to views for specific areas of functionality in Streamlio Cloud Preview

  • Account and Profile: a drop-down menu with links that allow you to review account information, change your password, log out, etc.

  • Getting Started: this drop-down menu links to useful resources including documentation, information you need to create your own Pulsar clients and tutorials.

  • Dashboard: a summary overview of your environment--topics, functions, data sources and sinks, etc.

Web interface dashboard

More information about specific functionality accessible via this user interface can be found in specific topics in this documentation.

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