Streamlio Cloud Preview

A guide to getting started with the Streamlio Cloud Preview

Streamlio Cloud Preview provides an easy way to try out and learn about Streamlio Cloud, the Streamlio-managed streaming and messaging service powered by Apache Pulsar. Streamlio Cloud Preview provides access to all of the core functionality of Streamlio Cloud and Apache Pulsar without any setup or configuration required.

This short guide will help you understand what is provided in Streamlio Cloud Preview and how to make use of it. Included in this guide:

For more detailed information about Streamlio Cloud and Apache Pulsar, see the Streamlio Cloud User Guide and Apache Pulsar documentation. If you are interested in trying out Streamlio Cloud Preview, you can register for an account online at

What is Streamlio Cloud Preview

Streamlio Cloud Preview is a sandbox deployment of the Streamlio Cloud service. It supports the core functionality of Streamlio Cloud and Apache Pulsar for experimentation and learning about Streamlio Cloud and Apache Pulsar.

There are a few important differences between Streamlio Cloud Preview and Streamlio Cloud including the following (see the sections further below for more details):

  • Not for production. We do not provide official customer support for Streamlio Cloud Preview--it is provided "as is" for learning and education purposes only.

  • Not for heavy workloads. Streamlio Cloud Preview has resource limits applied. As a result, Streamlio Cloud Preview is not appropriate for performance testing, large scale workloads, production or staging environments, etc. See below for more details on specific limits.

  • Management interfaces. Some Pulsar CLI functionality will work with Streamlio Cloud Preview, however Streamlio Cloud Preview does not support all functions of the Apache Pulsar nor Streamlio CLI interfaces.

We are definitely interested in hearing about your experience with Streamlio Cloud Preview. If you are interested in our production-ready offering, please take a look at Streamlio Cloud for more information.


Streamlio Cloud Preview supports the core functionality of Streamlio Cloud and Apache Pulsar such as the following:

  • Creation of topics and subscriptions

  • Ingestion of data to Pulsar topics

  • Output of data from a Pulsar topic to an external sink

  • Deployment of Pulsar Functions to process data in topics

  • Creation of custom producers and consumers using the Apache Pulsar client libraries

Streamlio Cloud Preview does not provide the following Streamlio Cloud and/or Apache Pulsar functionality:

  • Ability to create and use multiple namespaces

  • User-managed scaling of brokers, bookies, and function workers

  • Tiered storage

  • Cross-cluster replication

  • SQL querying of data in topics

  • Create and manage users


Streamlio Cloud Preview has the following limits:

  • Namespaces: your Streamlio Cloud Preview account has access to one preconfigured namespace

  • Topics: you can create up to 10 topics in Streamlio Cloud Preview

  • Pulsar Functions: up to 2 Pulsar Functions can be deployed

  • Sources: you can create up to two data sources

  • Sinks: up to 2 data sinks can be created

  • Data retention: individual messages are retained for up to 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted

  • Inactive accounts: accounts that have not been accessed for more than 30 consecutive days will be reset and all objects created in those accounts (including topics, functions, sources, sinks, etc.) will be deleted

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