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Documentation and information to help you understand and use Streamlio products and Apache Pulsar, the open source technology powering Streamlio offerings.

About Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar is an open source technology for messaging, processing and storage of data. Created to provide the data backbone supporting critical production applications at Yahoo, Pulsar has been hardened in production at Internet scale over several years at Yahoo and was contributed to The Apache Software Foundation in 2017, becoming a top-level Apache project in 2018.

Apache Pulsar was designed to provide performance, scalability, reliability and simplicity that is not possible with existing messaging technologies.

About Streamlio

Streamlio was founded by the team that built the messaging and stream processing platforms that are used to this day inside companies including Yahoo and Twitter. As co-creators of Apache Pulsar, Streamlio's founding team recognized the need to help organizations take advantage of the capabilities of Apache Pulsar.

Streamlio offers enterprise-class support and services for organizations interested in Apache Pulsar. We support both customer-managed environments as well as offer Streamlio Cloud, a Streamlio-managed cloud service powered by Apache Pulsar. Streamlio continues to be an active contributor to Apache Pulsar and related projects, helping Pulsar continue to evolve and helping the Pulsar community continue to grow.

Getting Started

Streamlio provides enterprise-class solutions powered by Apache Pulsar. Here are some ways you can get started:

Standalone Cluster

A single-node deployment of Apache Pulsar designed for development and small environments. More information about Pulsar standalone installation can be found in the Apache Pulsar documentation.

Cloud Deployment

The Streamlio platform and Apache Pulsar can be deployed in most cloud infrastructure services. Terraform and Ansible scripts for AWS are included in Apache Pulsar and are explained in the Pulsar documentation.

For those using Google Cloud, the Streamlio Community Edition, available in Google Cloud Marketplace, provides a simple and fast way to deploy a ready-to-use cluster in your Google Cloud account in just a few clicks.

Cloud Service

Streamlio Cloud provides an enterprise-ready software-as-a-service for Apache Pulsar that is operated and managed by the experts at Streamlio.


The Streamlio documentation provides both an introduction to the key concepts of Apache Pulsar as well as a guide to using Streamlio products that incorporate Apache Pulsar. It supplements the open source Apache Pulsar documentation. The Streamlio documentation includes:

General Information

  • Key Concepts: an introduction to key concepts and terminology of Apache Pulsar as used within the Streamlio platform

Streamlio Cloud

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